Morningwood Gaming

Community Rules

1. This is a no-filter community. If you get offended easily, fucking leave.

2. The above rule does not excuse you from targeting people in a hostile manner.

3. Hate speech and racism are two strict exceptions to rule #1.

4. Anything targeted towards another in an unwanted manner will get a swift ban. Consent is vital, folks.

5. NSFW/L Content will be kept in its indicated places.

6. Spamming will be met with one warning, then a ban.

7. Our game servers will have their own associated rules; please view them in their respective categories.

8. No links to other Discord servers or communities shall be posted unless they are already in our Partner listing.


Considering how lenient these rules are, bans will be swift and without exception.

Don’t be a dickhead, and we will have a great time!